The Feminist Majority Foundation along with Civican & We For She presents

Take Back the Workplace March

Sunday November 12th, 2017

Take back the workplace

Because every woman has a story

Because every woman has a story...

And many of them have more than one...

And many men have a story too...

And because we are tired of remaining silent and not being believed, or being intimidated when we aren’t...

And because this issue exists from the smallest sound stage to the largest political platform in politics – The White House.

We are marching in protest of sexual harassment in the workplace and to send a message to the people who commit it and to those who are complicit by allowing them to do it and covering it up.


So we are gathering together in solidarity and in protest on November 12th.

More than that, we are gathering to demand that action be taken, so that every woman or man – no matter the industry – has the resources and the support to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Every woman has a “story”.
And today those stories end.

Please register so we can get an accurate count for planning purposes and also so we can update you with any changes to the march route and times as event details may be subject to change as we get final approval from the city.

Register for the

on November 12, 2017

Special thanks to Bedrock LA for sponsoring our sound equipment!

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